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About us

Registry Direct was born from a single idea. The idea that owning a part of a business, no matter how big or small, should be exciting, engaging, and empowering.

Our vision to achieve this goal is to create a connection between businesses, investors, and employees, by bringing ownership to life.

Our solution is simple:

  • Deliver the capability to reach investors wherever they are, connecting with them through a mobile first, cloud-based platform, designed for how investors live their lives today.
  • Create an easy to use, cost-effective platform, designed for business administrators and their advisers, that’s both scalable and customisable.
  • Deliver the specific capability to support employee share schemes, giving start-ups and established companies flexibility in how they reward and engage their teams.

In doing so, we aim to inspire more entrepreneurs to start companies, encourage more people to invest in businesses, and incentivise employers and employees to work together.