Inspiring ownership

Registry Direct is dedicated to bringing shareholdings to life, for companies, employees and shareholders.

Our vision

Registry Direct was born from a single idea. The idea that owning a part of a business, no matter how big or small, should be exciting, engaging and empowering.

But most of us don’t feel a sense of real connection to the companies in which we invest. 

Registry Direct’s vision is to create that connection, by bringing share ownership to life for companies, employees and shareholders across the world.

In a world where managing share registries has long been considered expensive and onerous and, dare we say it, dull, how could we help businesses share that vision?

Don Sharp, Chairman Managed Accounts Holdings "The best thing about Registry Direct is the enormous value that it provides. Value isn't just about price."

Our solution is simple

Deliver the capability to reach shareholders wherever they are, connecting with them through a mobile first, cloud-based platform, designed for how shareholders live their lives today.

Create an easy to use, cost-effective platform, designed for business administrators and their advisers, that’s both scalable and customisable.

Deliver the specific capability to support employee share schemes, giving start-ups and established companies flexibility in how they reward and engage their teams.

About us

Founded in in 2014, Registry Direct is one of Australia’s fastest growing Software as a Service companies.

We focus on making your life easier, whether a registry manager, shareholder, or adviser.

Recognised for our service, we work closely with our customers to transition or establish their registries.

And as your needs change, or grow, our platform evolves, ensuring our partnership evolves with it.

To talk to us about how we could help you empower your business, please contact us today.

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  • Siemens
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  • Sequoia