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Registry Direct Limited
Level 6, 2 Russell Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

ASX Code: RD1

1300 55 66 35 (within Australia)
+61 3 9909 9909 (outside of Australia)

+61 3 9111 5652



PO Box 18366
Collins Street East
Melbourne VIC 8003




Steuart Roe
Managing Director

Donald McLay
Chairman and Non-Executive Director

Matt Cain
Non-executive Director




RSM Australia Partners
Level 21
55 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000



Share Registry

Registry Direct
Level 6, 2 Russell Street
Melbourne VIC 3000



Corporate policies


Audit and Risk Management Committee Charter

Board Charter

Code of Conduct

Continuous Disclosure Policy

Corporate Governance Statement

Diversity Policy

Remuneration and Nomination Committee Charter

Remuneration Policy

Risk Management Policy

Securities Trading Policy

Shareholder Communications Policy

Whistleblowers Policy


ASX Announcements


Appendix 1A – ASX Listing Application and Agreement

Appendix 03Y – Donald Evan McLay

ASX Restrictions


Corporate Governance Statement

Distribution Schedule

Employee Share Option Plan

Information Form and Checklist

Initial Director’s Interest Notice – Donald Evan McLay

Initial Director’s Interest Notice – Ian Steuart Roe

Initial Director’s Interest Notice – Matthew Lucas Cain

Notice of Initial Substantial Holder

Pre Quotation Disclosure


Corporate Changes – November 2017

Registry Direct Limited – June 2015 Annual Report

Registry Direct Limited – June 2016 Annual Report

Registry Direct Limited – June 2017 Annual Report

Securities Trading Policy

Top 20 Shareholders