“It just gets done”

Venture-funded fintech firm SelfWealth trusts their share registry to Registry Direct, allowing them to concentrate on growing their business.



The challenge

Starting in the founder’s spare bedroom may be a start-up cliché, but it’s one that rings true for fintech disruptor SelfWealth.

Establised in 2012, SelfWealth is a social network that enables investors to compare themselves to peers, professionals and the market and use this knowledge to improve their own portfolio performance.

After building a significant audience, SelfWealth successfully raised Venture Capital funding in 2015. Together with seed investors and employees, this brought SelfWealth’s shareholder base to 60.

Managing a shareholder base of this size could be an administrative headache for a small team where people often already wear several ‘hats’.SelfWealth realised that they needed a solution they could trust to look after their share registry and allow them to concentrate on what’s really important: ensuring their business achieves its potential.

The solution

SelfWealth chose Registry Direct following a short consultation process where the mix of instant access through our online portal and personal service and support was a perfect fit for their business at the commercialisation stage.

Migrating from the previous provider to Registry Direct was a quick and painless process: SelfWealth was able to set themselves up the same day that the agreement was signed.

Today, SelfWealth uses Registry Direct to manage everything to do with their share register: from generating instant reports about their shareholder base to making payments to shareholders; issuing shares to new shareholders to updating ASIC on any changes.

The result

As a business that is constantly growing, with features and services being built, tested and iterated, SelfWealth were looking for a solution that would mean that they didn’t have to worry about their share registry.

Easy access, immediate action and comprehensive support means that SelfWealth can focus on what’s really important:

“Registry Direct is extremely easy to use and well priced, which is great, but the real benefit for us is that we know that everything to do with the share registry just gets done. This is huge for us at the moment as it means that we can really concentrate on commercialising our business.”
Penny Smith, Head of Sales & Marketing SelfWealth Ltd
613 Canterbury Road
Surrey Hills VIC 3127
03 8658 6079

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