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Onboarding your register is quick and worry-free

Try out our features, and once you know we are a good fit for you, upload your data. If you need a hand, don’t stress, our helpful team can get your data uploaded and you on your way.

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Sign up to try out Registry Direct at no cost

Your free trial includes:

  1. A demo company or trust, complete with data, for you to explore and test our platform; and
  2. Your own company or trust, ready for you to begin creating your personalised registry.

You can then set up your register by following the simple steps below.

Getting onboard Registry Direct

During the set up of your register, no communications will be sent to your investors – so you can build your register with confidence. Our help assistant is always available for each step, or you can contact us.


Import your data

Use our Excel templates to import your existing data. Our system can guide you step-by-step through the process.

We also offer a data conversion service. This service is free for clients on a premium plan.


Review your register before you go live

In preview mode you can view your register and make changes before any emails are sent to investors or the register is live.


Activate your register and invite your investors

With a click of a button your register will go live.

Your security holders will be sent an invitation to set their private password and access their personalised Investor Centre, together with a share/unit certificate, if applicable.

It’s that simple to make your company or trust more professional for your investors and easier for you to manage

With your live, fully-featured register you can set up offers to raise capital, set up meetings, run polls on resolutions, pay dividends and distributions and a whole lot more.

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