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AML/CTF and PEP screening

Registry Direct lets you record your AML/CTF checks on any investor using our offer functionality. You can request and keep copies of certified documentation using our online application form. Additionally, online checks and PEP screening can be performed with GreenID* built into our system.

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Screenshot of the investor verification feature
Requesting verification

Document capture

Certified copies of investor documentation, including sophisticated investor certificates, can be requested, and entered using our online application forms.

Verifying investors

AML/CTF checks

You can verify documentation yourself and/or use Green ID* to verify client identification documents.  Either way, you’ll have a central record of your client data.

Illustration of GreenID screening

PEP Screening

GreenID* can also be used to perform politically exposed person (PEP) checks.
*The use of GreenID is subject to additional fees.