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Allot, transfer and redeem securities

Painlessly execute security transactions. Book capital calls and returns of capital. Exercise options and mature debt securities.

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Transactions list
Investor notification

Allot securities and invite the holders to use our Investor Centre

You can allot shares and other securities to investors and employees with a few clicks.  If the email address of the investor is recorded, they’ll get an invitation to register for our Investor Centre by email.  If not, our system will generate a letter that can be posted.

Transaction options

Label transaction types and attach documentation

Transactions can be labelled almost anything.  For example, a redemption may be called a Buy-Back or a Maturity.  Documentation can also be attached to any transaction.

Transaction options

Call up capital on partly paid securities and return capital

Book capital called up on securities without changing the number of securities held. Book returns of capital the same way or as a redemption to cancel the holding.