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Meetings and voting

Our Meetings & Voting functionality lets you invite your investors to physical and/or virtual meetings, set up resolutions to be voted on, produce physical and online proxy forms, and record each investor’s voting directions.

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Notice of meeting email

Systematically comply when sending notice of meetings

The Corporations Act requires you send any notice of meeting by post unless you are expressly authorised by your investor otherwise.

Our platform captures this information to ensure your compliance.

If you do need to send some communications by post and you need assistance, don’t worry as you can use our mailing service upon request.

Online voting

Easily manage voting directions

With our simple to use technology, proxy forms are a thing of the past, your investors simply login to their investor centre and cast their votes electronically.

All votes cast and modified are captured in a log for audit purposes.

For your investors who are old school, our platform also produces and disseminates ASX and Corporations Act compliant paper-based/pdf proxy forms.

New investor notification

New investor notification

When new investors are detected during the open meeting timeline, our software will send your new investor an email notification letting them know that they are eligible to vote online and give them an option to add the date, time and location to their calendar.

You will also get an email notification of the new investors. If they haven’t signed up with an email address you will receive a link to the pdf of the notice of meeting for posting.