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Impress and engage your investors and employees

Enter and maintain your investors and employees contact details, bank account number and more. Our Investor Centre also lets your security holders maintain their own details and provide read only access to their advisers.

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Investor centre dashboard
Edit investor details

Edit security holder details yourself or, better still, let investors do it themselves

When you update security holder data you can control if the holder is notified or not. When the holder does it themselves, they receive email notification for their protection.  In any event, all changes are recorded in your activity log.


Investors and employees can download share certificates and holdings statements

Share and other security certificates can be downloaded as at any date.  Holding statements, with transaction histories over any time period, can also be downloaded.

Read-only access

Investors can give read-only access to their accountants and anyone else!

Investors can give and remove read-only access to a holding to as many people as they like.  Read-only will also be copied in on communications sent to the investor about the holding.